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Is it Fair?

“Is it fair that 3 2 out of 4 Beatles are dead and, yet, all of the Monkees are still alive?”

Said by a coworker this morning.

Update: Thanks Bill!  My recollections of past conversations aren’t recollected too well. =)

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My Monophonic Life

Being sick really sucks. I’m much better now. No fever, less congestion, hardly any coughing. But my left ear. It is clogged up and has been for more than a week. Luckily, I was out of work only one day because the stopped up ear caused some dizzyness. Dizzyness . . . bad idea for a rigger, eh? Now I feel well except for being mostly deaf in my left ear.

This ear trauma has caused me to act a little weird or more weird than usual. It just feels like I’m in my own little soundproof chamber. I suppose I have withdrawn more because I am not able to engage in any type of conversation. I already feel I am annoying the Holy Extroverted Elder One by constantly saying, “Huh?” or “What?” or even ignoring her accidentally.

I keep promising myself that I will call the doctor to have him poke something large, pointy and rusty in my ear to clear it up.  But, I keep telling myself, “It’ll clear up tomorrow.”  Ugh.  Still deaf!  This certainly has made me appreciate stereo a whole bunch more.

For now, it’s mono for the introverted one . . . sigh.

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winterson.com: episode iii, the backstroke of the west

A big thank you to MTA for finding this one! This is from a pirated version of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith that was found on DVD in China by an American living there. The full story is posted on this blog. The subtitles are re-translations from English to Mandarin Chinese and then back to English. Not really sure why, if the sound is still intact, they would feel the need to make subtitles in English.

Lucky for us Presbyterians this beauty of a screen shot exists!

Maybe it can be a new recruiting tool for the PC(USA).

Or it could hurt the Church.

I’m not really sure. It could go either way. But, how cool is it that the Jedi Council gets translated into Mandarin Chinese and then back to English as Presbyterian Church?

I see a new movement of Jesus was a Jedi Master themed PC(USA) propaganda.

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This is going to sound a little funny, especially after that last post, but I love tools. I know, it sounds manly and macho. I have always been into gadgets (even though I can’t afford them) and I think tools fall into that realm.

Mac Tools is in the Gaylord Opryland this weekend and I went down to the exhibit hall the other day. I saw all of their tool boxes and tool accessories in all of their diamond plated grandeur. Mac Tools definitely has some corporate drone thing going on because when I was climbing around in the Delta Ballroom ceiling the other day I was being brainwashed by their rehearsal sounds of team and we’re going to win. Is this some sort of Amway scam for boys and their tools?

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Well, not a whole private state, state of being or otherwise. Just a room. Where I can put up my hockey/green bay packer/beer paraphernalia and the Holy Elder Extroverted One need not worry about the general public witnessing that part of my somewhat man-ness.

I didn’t want to suggest the move upstairs. At least, out loud. But, this move does make a little more flexibility with a room downstairs and makes a little better use of space upstairs. This may seem like some sort of den of testosterone that I can escape to so I can feel more like a man and not a father/husband. It’s not. It is going to be more of a place to exercise my introvertedness (Like I need any help with that!). I don’t need to retreat from being a father/husband because I love being those things. I wasn’t much of a manly man before marriage and fatherhood so it’s not me trying to get those things back. I guess I need a place to decompress after a day of dealing with stuff/people at work.

I don’t get to climb the stairs (into my hole of solitude) very often because of other responsibilities and that’s okay. It sure is nice when it happens. Which is where I find myself at this moment. A much needed day off of work and home alone. I have things that need my attention but I have some time right now to do some chilling out, reading blogs and writing one. Not a good one mind you. More like blogorrhea which is more of a problem for you because you’re reading this. This is the fruit of my introverted den of lonliness. Enjoy!

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I found this by way of Nashville is Talking.

Thinktrain: What would Jesus speak?

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I am a morning person. I, however, am not a morning people person. I get my cup of coffee, sit down and perch my feet up on the desk and read the blogs that I enjoy reading.

This morning was a little different. It started out the way it should. Me + coffee + my mac + internets = introverted bliss. All of a sudden out of the darkness into the halo of my desk lamp steps the Young Extroverted One. Sleepy-eyed and bed-headed she silently climbed into my lap and just cuddled. That’s it. Sigh . . . now that is how I could spend my mornings for the rest of my life.

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