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Yet again I have a brainworm. This time, however, it’s from the Young Extroverted One’s collection of fine tunes. The problem with brainworms and my poor memory is that all that plays over and over in my head is one verse. It wouldn’t be that bad if I could remember the whole thing.

Luckily, the music that the YEO chooses (read: we play for her) are mostly pretty good and this particular song is pretty fun. It’s from the Jack’s Big Music Show Soundtrack from the show that’s on Noggin and it’s the Dirty Sock Funtime Band. As with the majority of brainworms I must pass them on in the hopes of getting them out of my head.

Enjoy:  Music Everywhere


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I don’t know what it is about the “Girl from Ipanema” and it’s traditional use in any situation on TV that requires muzak but it has been a brainworm that will NOT go away. ARRRGGH!

THE song.

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