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As I drove into work this morning I noticed some self(?) censorship on the Midtown Wine and Spirits. It was advertising a special on Fat Bastard and a Riesling. They spelled ‘bastard’ with a dollar sign for the ‘s’. Is bastard that bad of a word? I must be desensitized or something because I tend to use that word freely. Yikes, this might affect my blog’s ‘G’ rating.

I remember being introduced to the bastard around the same time I met the Elder Extroverted One’s family. Not only is it a pretty decent wine it has a great name. Especially if you have to say it out loud the dinner table. I really enjoyed saying, “Pass that bastard over here!” Sigh. Good times.

UPDATE: The word bastard did affect my rating. Shoot! After typing bastard seven (well, now nine times) my blog is PG. My own daughter can’t read this blog. Which is good because she can’t read yet.

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