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“People lighting fireworks on their head would be dangerous . . <pause> . . and that would be weird.”                 — Young Extroverted One 7/4/2007

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“I’m going to be the allest of the universe!” –Young Extroverted One

Said this morning as we’re driving to school.  Basically, she was describing herself when she grows up.  It’s the natural succession of being a hockey playing, animal rescuing, paleontologising (that’s a cool word) artist. Everyday the list gets longer.  Whatever she ends up doing we’re behind her all the way!

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  • Cuddling with the Young Extroverted One in bed while the Elder Extroverted Holy One showered.
  • YEO up in my face saying, “Happy Father’s Day, dada!”
  • YEO and EEHO making wonderful pancakes.
  • The neighbor taking YEO and her son to Maggie Moo’s for ice cream
  • Having a nice long talk with my dad and hearing some stories about his dad.

Dad: “Happy Father’s Day!”

me:   “Happy Father’s Day, back atcha!”

Dad: “That’s pretty cool, huh?”

me:   “Yeah . . . it is.”

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“There were two people – you don’t know them, but they got married and didn’t like each other.  And instead of dancing, they punched each other.”

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Young Extroverted One:  “Did you know you could smoosh a booger?”

Elder Extroverted Holy One:  “Yes, I did know that.”

YEO:  “Do you know why?”

EEHO:  “No, no I don’t.”

YEO:  “Because it’s made of  boogers.”

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