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Well, the Elder Extroverted Holy One just got a little holier. Back in August(?) she took ordination exams that are required by the PC(USA) to be called and ordained as a minister. After taking those things she had to sit around for a couple of months while Presbyterian monks locked in caves somewhere in Scotland read what she wrote. Apparently, they like what she wrote because she passed!

Now, she just needs to make it through this semester carrying a child (on the inside) and then make it through next semester carrying a child (on the outside) to graduate. Then some awesome church will want to call her to be their minister and by default I’ll end up being the churches a/v geek.

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Today is National Tartan Day . So, celebrate your family’s tartan by taking off your pants . . .


. . . and put on your kilts!

I don’t have a kilt or a family tartan but my favorite color is plaid.

For more pantless wonder see my friend’s blog here .

For more info on National Tartan Day go here .

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