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Highland Brewing Co.

“Why is God playing the bagpipes?” — Young Extroverted One looking at my Highland Brewing Company pint glass filled with Gaelic Ale.

I notice she didn’t mention anything about God drinking beer . . .

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As we pulled off of I-40 to get on Highway 9 into Black Mountain on Thursday we did our traditional/ceremonial rolling down of the windows to take in that Blue Ridge Mountain air.

Us:  “Do you smell that Young Extroverted One?”

YEO:  “Yeah, it smells like dog.”

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I felt that I had something in my eye so I was looking in the bathroom mirror as the Young Extroverted One was . . . um . . . sitting on the throne (it’s a long story that involves brown recluses that we share our home with and some other insecurities that we are still trying to work out).

I randomly said, “YEO what would you do if my eyeball popped out?”

To which she responded, “I would freak out!”

I was kind of hoping she’d say something like, “I would remain ever so calm and pick up your eyeball and put it in a bag of ice (what does one do with a popped-out eyeball?) and call 9-1-1 to save your life.”

Hell, I would freak out too. But don’t tell a potential victim whom you’re about to rescue that you’d freak out. Right?

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Young Extroverted One:  “Did you know you could smoosh a booger?”

Elder Extroverted Holy One:  “Yes, I did know that.”

YEO:  “Do you know why?”

EEHO:  “No, no I don’t.”

YEO:  “Because it’s made of  boogers.”

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