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My Monophonic Life

Being sick really sucks. I’m much better now. No fever, less congestion, hardly any coughing. But my left ear. It is clogged up and has been for more than a week. Luckily, I was out of work only one day because the stopped up ear caused some dizzyness. Dizzyness . . . bad idea for a rigger, eh? Now I feel well except for being mostly deaf in my left ear.

This ear trauma has caused me to act a little weird or more weird than usual. It just feels like I’m in my own little soundproof chamber. I suppose I have withdrawn more because I am not able to engage in any type of conversation. I already feel I am annoying the Holy Extroverted Elder One by constantly saying, “Huh?” or “What?” or even ignoring her accidentally.

I keep promising myself that I will call the doctor to have him poke something large, pointy and rusty in my ear to clear it up.  But, I keep telling myself, “It’ll clear up tomorrow.”  Ugh.  Still deaf!  This certainly has made me appreciate stereo a whole bunch more.

For now, it’s mono for the introverted one . . . sigh.

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